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I am an artist who was originally trained in classical animation in the late 90's - back when animation was still a fringe art, and everything was done on film and paper. During my animation career I have done a little of everything, from 2D character, prop and location design, 2D background painting, character and prop color styling, and now surfacing for 3D television.

During my run as a 2D animation artist, I started to paint, and showed my work in local Toronto galleries, like AWOL and C1artspace.

In 2014 I started to retrain so I could leave the world of 2D television behind - a world that felt tired, uninspired, and flat to the point of being utterly soul destroying. I had sort of a winding journey, not knowing if I should just give up on animation altogether, but after a good deal of searching and experimentation, I ended up going back to Sheridan and completing their 3D animation course. This decision was made after viewing Pixar's "Inside Out" - the first 3D film I had ever found to be so visually compelling that I was interested in how it all came together. I shook off my CG prejudice, and dove in - and I feel like I never need to look back. 

I have been hesitant to blend my work together on a site like this - the fine art with the commercial, because I saw my painting as an escape from my job, which I didn't enjoy until 3D became a part of my life. Now it's all here, and you can look at it as much as you want.

My CV is available on request.



Substance Painter



Watercolor Painting

Substance Designer


Laura and Maude the Dog

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