surfacing for Spin Master's Rusty Rivets: 2016-2019

I was able to do a number of different surfacing tasks for Rusty, but my favorite were the characters. I mostly used Mari, but threw in a little Substance when it served the asset.


One of my favorite aspects of my job was the freedom to experiment. Because Arnold let us spread UV shells over more than one tile, I was able to create a high resolution map for the raptor character that spanned over two tiles. This gave me the freedom to keep her super crisp with no seams down her back. Even though we were encouraged to keep the resolution low, the rendering team didn't seem to mind when I pulled the resolution out for a hot and sexy character texture set. I love Mari's brushes and how they handle, and I can get so much nuance when I use that application.


BONUS PROP: One of the first things I did at Jam Filled was the Peach Dessert - a swirl of peach ice cream on a waffle/pie base. I still love this asset - I painted the waffle texture by hand and then tiled it, since I couldn't find an existing texture that worked, and I detailed the peach slice myself. This asset gave me the courage to just jump in and make a texture from scratch if I didn't have one.