Laura Vegys

image maker from Toronto Canada

I am an artist who was originally trained in classical animation in the late 90's - back when animation was still a fringe art, and everything was done on film and paper. I have done a little of everything, from 2D character, prop and location design, 2D background painting, character and prop color styling, and now surfacing for 3D television. During my run as a 2D animation artist, I showed my work in local Toronto galleries, like AWOL and C1artspace.

I returned to school in 2014 for VFX - which was a bad fit, so I took another stab at it in 2016 with computer animation - and fell in love with the art of animation again. I had to flex some muscles that I thought were long dormant, but it was the best time in my career to date - and I loved every minute of my Sheridan 2.0 experience.

I have been hesitant to blend my work together on a site like this - the fine art with the commercial, because I saw my painting as an escape from my job, which I didn't enjoy until 3D became a part of my life. Now it's all here, and you can look at it as much as you want.