This is my student film from when I was in Sheridan College in 2016.

As a mid-career artist, I found that I was able to craft a film that I felt reflected my personal taste and style - as well as highlight my skills to that date. It was an exhilarating time, where I finally reconnected with my animation roots, while finding a new love for a medium that I had grown estranged to.

Olivia was sculpted in Zbrush, everything was textured with Photoshop - with a mix of painted textures and procedurals, and the lighting and rendering was done with V-ray, and composited in Nuke.


Shrine Composition

Post Sheridan, I became a surfacer, which is 3D language for making 2D textures and using them with Maya's shading networks to translate them into specific materials.

I am interested in seeing how surfacing integrates with different types of software, and in this piece I  used Zbrush, Mari, Maya and V-ray to create a composition that is reflective of my own artistic style.

The final comp was done in Photoshop.

The best thing to come out of it was the treasure chest - it has so much more detail than you can see in the final composited image.


This composition was textured mainly in Substance Painter. The music box, headphones and pictures were done in Substance, the table and wall were procedurals done in Maya, and the match box was textured in Mari.

Still Life With Music Box
Bang Bang Bar, Twin Peaks, WA

10 Seconds

Sheridan has a tradition of the "Ten Second Interstitial." This is my interpretation of it.

The challenge is to take a vinyl toy, animate it in an environment - and make it ten seconds exactly. The toy I chose was Medicom's Andy Warhol doll. Even with a couple of years of 3D industry experience under my belt, I still get a kick out of this piece.

We used a mix of Maya, V-ray and Mudbox, with texturing done in Photoshop.


Bird Girl

Another one of Sheridan's projects is a character sculpt. We had to do it in Mudbox, which is a nice introduction to 3D sculpting, but inferior to Zbrush. I had some time to pose her out, surface her and add some props, which brought her to life. The sweater also had V-ray fur applied to it to add some extra fibery flair. I still like this project, even though I realize now that she's a little low-poly for my taste.